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The Best Lima Beans Ever!


Hey guys!

Today I want to share with an accidental success I ran across last week. I discovered how to make the best Lima beans ever! No really, hear me out.

Captain Cupcakeasaurus shared with me his least favorite food: Lima beans. I took this as a personal challenge to make the best dang Lima beans he’s ever tasted. I’ve never made Lima beans. Never. I’m not even really certain how other people make them. I don’t know how they are “supposed” to come out but these turned out freaking awesome and I’d be willing to voluntarily make them again.


My thought process for how to make these typically dry waxy beans delicious went as follows:

  • What makes everything more delicious?

Bacon! I shall start with bacon.

So I threw bacon in the pan and let that start simmering while I was figuring out the rest.

  • What adds flavor and pairs well with beans and bacon?

Onion! I have red and yellow onions. Let’s try the red one. That will be perfect!

I added chopped red onion and a tiny bit of butter so the onions wouldn’t stick to the pan. Next was figuring out the Lima beans part.

I grabbed the bag of Lima beans out of the freezer and since I’d never made them before, I read the back for instructions. Well, the instructions said something about boiling the Lima beans until tender and then draining them. That was not going to work. I didn’t want to drain off all the deliciousness and I did not want to mess up another dish. Can you tell sometimes laziness is inspiration for all sorts of life’s solutions? I swear, if I can prevent from having to create an additional dirty dish, I totally will.


So I took out a bowl and filled it with hot water and then added my beans to it just to unfreeze them. Then I added them right into the pan with the bacon and onions. Realizing I wanted them tender and not dry, I added some of that water to the pan as well. Not too much water,I wanted everything still sizzling.

I added a chicken bouillon cube to the water to help add to flavor. If I had chicken stock on hand I would’ve probably just added it in instead of just the water. This would be in the “How I could Do It Differently” section of new recipes. But, then came the flavoring part.

I wanted to make the Lima beans a bit sweet because I think people dislike them because they can be bland. So I added a bit of honey and a bit of brown sugar to make a sweet sauce for them. Add a little salt and pepper and we are almost done.

I am a bit of a seasoning fanatic. I have lots of seasonings and I use lots of seasonings. So I added a bit of garlic powder. You’re lucky I didn’t put actual crushed garlic in these things. And then I added my new favorite seasoning.

Being a born and raised Carolina girl, we don’t have this seasoning up there. But, since I’ve moved here to Florida, it is by far one of my favorites and most used.

Best_Lima_Beans_EverBehold the Everglades seasoning!

It is perfect for just about everything. It does have salt in it so I’d be careful adding too much salt and Everglades simultaneously but the flavor is delicious.

Best_Lima_Beans_EverSo what do you do when you have a food someone doesn’t like to eat? Mask it with really delicious flavors of course!


Captain Cupcakeasaurus could barely believe he was eating Lima beans. I have never just had Lima beans as a snack but I did today because they are so good. Sweet and savory and probably not as healthy for you as those dry chalky Lima beans but they certainly do taste better.

What are your favorite ways to mask the not-so-desirable foods in your house? How do you handle the Lima bean situation?

So, as with Lima beans, just add honey and sugar to make life taste sweeter!