Surviving the Craft Store

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Hey Guys!

I know some people really hate when Christmas stuff starts going up in stores before Thanksgiving even has a chance to get here. I mean, Halloween stuff is still in the clearance bins of the drug stores. However, this year I have vowed not to be the woman I’ve been in all the years past. This year I am going to have everyone’s gifts ready ahead of time.

Last year, all the Pinterest ideas I had been saving pretty much fell apart during my procrastination break down. I was scrambling the night before to pull gifts out of my butt. I wanted something handmade and beautiful but because I was rushed, nothing turned out as planned. The gifts are way more impersonal when they look half-assed and thrown together at the last minute. Also, this year, I will be traveling six hundred miles for the holidays and really need to have everything together before I leave.

So today, I found myself in the craft store exploring aisles upon aisles of old crafts I remember doing, crafting projects I currently have underway and hundreds more future projects I could easily see in my future. I start in the 50% off fake floral arrangement stuff, because who can resist a deal? My thoughts wander to the bouquet I’m inevitably going to be putting together for my maid of honor and me. Oh, did I mention, I’ll be getting married in ten months? You guys get to follow me on that journey too. All the DIY!

Then I find myself in the baking aisle, because frankly their store layout made little to no sense to me. Or perhaps that was their point; to lead this poor crafty diyer to all her guilty pleasures. As much as I bake, you’d think I have every gadget imaginable, but no, I am always jonesin’ for something new.

Remembering why I came to the craft store in the first place, I try to start heading toward Christmas decorations. I had to walk through the ribbon section though so I picked up my wedding colors (Imperial Purple and Royal Blue) and debated on if I could make a bouquet out of ribbon flowers. In true shopping addiction fashion I held them in my hands and walked around the store until I talked myself out of purchasing them. The struggle is real, y’all.

Towards the close of my trip, I went down the soap and candle making aisle. Now, I have made candles before. Granted it has been about six years or so but I am familiar with the process. Soap, on the other hand, I’ve always been curious about and I really want to learn. Let me tell you how hard it was for me to resist when I found a soap making kit that makes the soap look like cupcakes. It even smells like cupcakes! The addict in me was trying to justify every which way she could. “They would make perfect gifts.” “You can pair them with the other gifts you have in mind.” “You’ve always wanted to learn how to make soap.” “Look, they have other molds and scents too.” “Oooo, Shea butter. You love Shea butter.” It was time to go. If I didn’t leave the store, I’d be there forever. Yet another reason I love ordering everything I need online and Amazon can ship it right to my house.

Two hours of titillating torture later, I was able to walk out of the store mostly with what I had come for. I had grabbed a few extras but not anything to add to a project I haven’t yet started.

One of the things I picked up was a package of assorted acrylic paints. When I’m not baking and taking care of this crazy family, I am going to attempt to paint a geeky thing. I’ll share pictures once I really get it going.

What are the projects you’re working on right now? Do you have the same problem in craft stores that I do? How do you resist the temptation to craft all the things?

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