The Best Lima Beans Ever!

  Hey guys! Today I want to share with an accidental success I ran across last week. I discovered how to make the best Lima beans ever! No really, hear me out. Captain Cupcakeasaurus shared with me his least favorite food: Lima beans. I took this as a personal challenge to make the best dang […]

Comfort Food: Chicken and Dumplings

Hey guys! I mentioned before in How To Start A Meal Plan how I labeled each day of the week to make it easier to plan out meals. Well, Tuesdays is Home Cooking Tuesday or Comfort Food Tuesday, or…. I really need a good alliteration for this day of the week. If you think of one, please […]

Comfort Food: Easy Chicken and Rice

       Hey Guys! I was meaning to post yesterday but life happened. So, in honor of not having time to do the things we really want to do, today I am sharing the easiest and fastest meal I know.        Let’s face it, not every night do we feel like going […]