About Raquel

From a very young age, I have always had a knack for the theatrics.  Whether I was swinging from the jungle gym trapeze or performing in several commercials and stage productions, I always enjoyed putting myself out there and showing the world what I had to offer.
After schmoozing customers for ten years in retail and customer service, I have finally decided to follow my passion for cake…er, well, baking.

My Many Different Roles

I am a Carolina girl, born and raised in North Carolina. In 2015, I moved to Florida to be with my now husband (Captain Cupcakeasaurus).
When we started dating, I was a single working mom with a five-year-old son. Working long hours in a customer service call center, I baked to soothe my soul and keep my boss off my back.
After we married in 2016, my role switched to stay at home mom where I have been able to explore my passion for baking more fervently.
My son, who is constantly growing and changing is Little Cakeasaurus Rex. He is the reason I continue to work hard to provide a better life for him. He is my baking buddy, taste tester, and professional spoon licker.

My husband is a Fire Captain so I am also familiar with the role of fire wife. Being a fire family means sometimes the tones go off in the middle of phone calls or visits. A Fire Captain is always looking out for his crew and it is my job to look out for him.  I am very proud of the work he does on the job and for our family. I am so thankful for his love and support.

Self Manifesting Expert

Part of my charm is that I’m not an award-winning author (yet) or self-manifesting expert (whatever the heck that means). I grew up watching my grandmother eyeball each of her ingredients instead of following a recipe. I experiment with new ingredients and new techniques. Sometimes things don’t turn out quite as expected. That’s ok! Sometimes they turn out even better!
I learned not too long ago that Stan Lee didn’t create Spider-Man until he was 39 years old. That gives me hope to think that maybe I still have time to achieve these crazy dreams of mine as well. I may be a mess. That is what my apron is for.  I’m in transition. I have wants and desires and dreams and I’m working to fulfill them just like you. I don’t have a ton of money or fame or prestigious connections. I do have one thing though.

Love, Love, Love

I have love, lots of love. One of the many ways I show my love is through feeding the people I love. Though it may not be listed on the ingredients list of each recipe, I promise I make each one with a heaping cup full of love.

Why The Dinosaur?


This is a layered answer (much like cake). I like edgy dangerous things. I enjoy dinosaurs, zombies, power tools, punk rock, etc. I fell in love with a man that runs into burning buildings for goodness sakes. I am attracted to their honest rawness. I also love a 1950s housewife in a tea-length-dress baking cupcakes in her pink kitchen. And perhaps what I love most of all is putting the two together. Strong yet soft, crunchy yet sweet, fierce yet friendly.
For me, MsCupcakeasaurus is the most accurate accumulation of my personality. And perhaps even with the duality, it also speaks to what I am doing and how I am doing it. I am baking but I am far from a TV chef. I have my tiny kitchen with limited counter space, my own two hands, and my Kitchenaid mixer. I want to share my experience and custom cupcake recipes to my readers and delicious homemade love-filled cupcakes to my community. The point is, I just want to make life better, sweeter. Life is hard enough as it is, so if we can help each other to make it better then why not? This is just my contribution to making life taste sweeter.