Quick Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Quick Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Making cupcakes may sound easy as it’s considered to be a simple treat but in reality, making them at home can prove to be difficult. Baking cupcakes is systematic as you should add specific ingredients on time and not too late or too early. The process will take time depending on how fast you handle things. Before starting on a cupcake recipe, make sure to rely on tips and techniques for better results. Despite having no experience in baking, knowing some tips will help you have an easy time preparing or decorating.

The basic tip is to always

The basic tip is to always follow a recipe that acts as a map to your baking journey. This might sound obvious, but you may substitute what they don’t have on a recipe with what they have despite differences. Replacing eggs or sugar with liquid sweeteners or using all-purpose flour instead of the right baking may lead to failure in making the desired cupcake. Ingredients are outlined in the recipe for a reason as substituting items in it may not bring expected results unless the recipe allows substitution. It’s advised to always follow a recipe on your first attempt then you can feel free to substitute items at will.

Cupcakes, for instance, vanilla cupcakes require

Cupcakes, for instance, vanilla cupcakes require basic ingredients that are easy to get and affordable. You will need 113 g of butter, 130 g of granulated white sugar, zest of a lemon, 3 eggs, a teaspoon of an extract, salt, a powder, sugar, and milk. Don’t forget to use all-purpose flour in your cooking. The first step is in mixing the batter by preheating an oven to 117 degrees Celsius then lining a muffin tin. Put paper liner on each of the muffin tin spaces to make it easy to serve later after cooking. If you are unable to get a paper liner, non-sticking cooking spray may do the trick.

Quick Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Whisk the flour, salt, lemon zest, and powder by adding one ingredient at a time. Begin by putting 195 g of all-purpose flour into a glass bowl then add the powder. Then add salt and the lemon zest while mixing the dry ingredients until they completely mix. On the lemon, make sure to use a large one for enough zest. Don’t worry about the lemon zest ruining the cupcake flavor as it intensifies a vanilla extract flavor instead.

Put 113 g of butter at room temperature in a bowl and beat it with moderate effort or low speed. Do this for a minute until it’s creamy and smooth on a stand mixer. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can use a normal mixing bowl and beat it with a wooden spoon or hand.

After beating the butter for a minute, add 130 g of granulated white sugar and proceed with the moderate beating. As the mixer runs on medium, add three eggs, one at a time while proceeding to beat the mixture for another minute. Here too, you may be required to scratch the bowl each time. Proceed to add the vanilla extract into the butter with a measurement of one teaspoon and beat it for 30 seconds. The vanilla acts like a cupcake flavor, so you are advised to make sure the vanilla extract is pure. Add a dry mixture to the mixer with milk and beat it at low speed while scraping down the sides to ensure uniformity. Make sure lumps are not present in the mixture before you proceed.

Proceed to beat the remaining mixture into one bowl while avoiding beating the butter for too long to avoid the cupcake being tough. Divide the batter among the cavities lined with paper with a cooking scoop then proceed to bake for 17 to 20 minutes. When you insert and pull back the toothpick, make sure it comes out clean which indicates the cupcake is ready. The final step is to cool the cupcakes on a wired rack. Once you have mastered the basics of cupcake baking, you may try out making your recipe with different ingredients but with the right procedure. This is meant to increase variety but be ready to experience trial and error. When you bake for the first time with a negative outcome, don’t give up.