The Difference Between Cupcakes and Muffin

The Difference Between Cupcakes and Muffin

Food is life, literally, without us constantly supplying our body with food like a tyrannical deity, we cannot survive. We are not the only ones afflicted with this natural problem, every living thing must find a way to supply their body with some sustenance to be able to survive. The massive growth of humans as a social organism created a system that ensured a constant supply of food all year long through the two basic practices of hunting and farming.

With excess food came innovation, a

With excess food came innovation, a man like he always does, divided deeply into the world of food, exploring almost everything in his environment. Now, humans don’t just eat food to stay alive, but for other different factors, like to enjoy its taste, achieve a particular body structure, and some other related factors. Man’s exploration into food birthed numerous recipes/methods of preparing food to achieve a certain goal. Now, thousands of foods with different tastes, structures, nutrients, colors, and aromas exist that an average individual can pick from.

The Difference Between Cupcakes and Muffin

Muffins and cupcakes are both pastries, they are made with almost similar ingredients plus come out in an identical shape which makes people confuse one for the other, but they are two different types of pastry. The pastries are both made using flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and milk, however, the method by which they are both prepared differs considerably. It is sane to know the difference between these two because you might fancy one more than the other, plus it will be unconventional that you are served cupcakes and you referred to it as a muffin.

This is a massive blunder, it is like referring to a coat as a suit. Muffins can be made using alternatives to the all-purpose flour which is the flour of choice when making cupcakes. Oat and whole wheat flour, plus different types of flour, can be used to make muffins. Preparation of muffins is not restricted to the use of butter as in the preparation of cupcakes, other healthy fat sources like vegetable oil can be utilized. Muffins can also have a surprise ingredient hidden in their core, plus items like dried fruit, chips and nuts can be hidden inside muffins. Cupcakes utilize a larger amount of butter plus sugar if compared to the amount used when making muffins.

The mixing and consistency of the batter used to make the two pastries also differ. Cupcake batter is mixed for longer, giving a more uniform batter, while muffin batter is mixed for a relatively shorter period, making the batter lumpy. Muffins are better nutrition-wise than cupcakes, therefore, knowing the differences between these two pastries is vital.